Put the faces you need in your images

We automatize face customization in your images.
Top quality results allowing full commercial use; fun, fast, simple.
Faces create impact: choose the ones you want to see in your pictures.
Model release
Avoid Legal and Reputation trouble
Social media, free or paid Stock,… so easy to find images now, but are you sure all people appearing in them agreed for a commercial use?
Draagu remove this legal and reputation risk in a seamless process. With our tool, secure any image in minutes with a full model release face and avoid the stress.
Forget Models and divide cost by 5
Working with Professional Models is expensive: shooting days, royalties sum up quick.
Draagu help you stay on low budget, and speed up image production. Shoot images with whoever you want and replace the face afterward, choosing from our 100K+ model s face library.
Match your audience and have impact
An image is unique, but audiences are so diverses. So you have to produce or buy new images for every new need don’t you?
Forget it: Draagu allow you to use your best performing images, while changing only the faces in it to match any audience, do A/B testing, or to add diversity.
Check out the incredible results we achieve
Mix Artificial Intelligence with a huge face library and... Voila!
We created a 100K+ face image library with full model release covering all face type, position, expression and light conditions.
Drop your image on our landing page: our proprietary deep learning models will find the closest matching face in our library and will automatically perform an undetectable face-swap. Of course, you can can fully parameter the new faces to use.
Within minutes, your new image will be ready to download with signed model release.
Model release is a true pain
BETC agency
Head of Image Acquisition
Our biggest problem is the legal process: we have to retrieve model release from non professional; very hard and time consuming for an image bought a few euros.
Havas Paris
Artistic Director
We cannot buy and use images found on social networks because they have no model release and Legal department block us.
CFAO Group
Communication Officer
In the top 3 issue image related, getting model release from people appearing in images is the toughest.
Try it for free and see by yourself
Pick the plan that best match your needs.
per faceswap
No Advertising, TV, video, print permitted
per faceswap
Any use possible
-10 %
for 10 faces
-20 %
for 50 faces
Photo and Tech experts driven by passion
Our team gather a World Press Photo winner and previously senior bank analyst, yes it is possible!, some senior full stack developers and proven dog lovers, Artificial Intelligence PhDs only traveling by skateboard and Marketing experts bridging Switzerland, India and Galicia.

Draagu won the TechCrunch pitch contest at World Mobile Congress 17, was accelerated by Numa, selected for the Google A.I for entrepreneurs, and lately among the 10 Spanish Startups chosen by SpainTech Center for an immersion program in Silicon Valley.

Our Investors are Spain, France and US based.
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